Matt Damon always gets bumped

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Okay guys, just saw a really funny video on youtube but fist I have to set it up.

First off: you must have at least seen the trailer (go see the movie) for Bourne Ultimatum.

Secondly: you must be familiar with the talk show Jimmy Kimmel live. They have a running joke that they say Matt Damon was going to be one of the guests but "Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time."

Yes, the above was staged. But it accurately shows that Matt can act yo.

Now to the feature presentation: Using the parking lot security guard for Kimmel Live, they decided to bump Matt Damon from his OWN MOVIE.

Hope you guys laughed as hard as I did. Enjoy.
That's amazing thats freaking hilarious!

Thanks for making me

Any more of these? :mrgreen:

I could use some more laughter ;-)
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