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In my mind the Halo 3 Mauler was much maligned and must make up a misplaced spot in the mutual memory of the community.
M words.

Join NobleofDeath16 Rock Lobbster PerniciousDuke RandomRanger Spidermonkey60 TurboCharizard in the chat and stream as they all take their unique approach to this challenge or at least attempt to keep it on track and everyone safe! The objective is simple, we all want to make cool props, hang out, share ideas and most importantly help everyone at home watching make a thing that is still small enough to travel easily but be large enough to draw attention. Everything will be happening on our Twitch channel 405thHalo starting at 12:00 CDT on April 4th and will end when we've either collapsed from exhaustion or all make awesome props! Yes, it's a race but we'll be helping each other out and taking care of any questions from the builders at home. Yes, builders at home. We've created some simple patterns that are just detailed enough to get the main details of the Mauler across while still leaving plenty of room for innovation and personal flair! The patterns are at the bottom of this post and are free to download, share and bring more builders in for this stream spectacular! When all is said and done if you have photos you'd like to share either post them here or tag them with #405thMaulerMayhem and we'll make sure that the PR Monkeys share as many finished builds as possible!

You may have several questions about this so along with our lovely stream team we've compiled a quick FAQ about this event.

Why the Halo 3 Mauler?
Maulers are cool, that's why.​

Can I build a Mauler too? Does it have to be a Mauler?
Yes, we want everyone to have a Mauler. The second question is a no for the sake of inclusivity and wanting everyone to be able to build whatever prop and costume they would like but all of us would highly recommend you consider making a Mauler because of the first FAQ question.​

I don't have anything to build with and I don't have any practice making things.
First off, that's a statement. One of the best parts of building with the 405th is that you can build anything using anything. If you like building with LEGO or MegaConstrux, that'd be awesome. If you have some spare cardboard laying around and a roll of duct tape, let's see what you can do! The more Maulers the merrier! Don't forget to share your finished builds with #405thMaulerMayhem on your social media outlet of choice!​

What is the prize for winning the race?
Getting to play with the Mauler first!​

Will you please stop saying Mauler?
No. Mauler.​
If you have any other questions feel free to ask our lovely hosts here up until the race starts! We'll see you in stream!


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  • LowPolyDrum.pdo
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