Maybe a Red Team?

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Sweetness. I'm sure Redsleigh will be up for it and Adam has (about to be "had" :cry: ) That SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET Red suit. A red team would be nice. I'm on Staff of it. (y)
No, Please, Not again...

We already have "Blue Team" that is already starting to die.

Personally I don't like the idea of a RED or a BLUE team or ANY team for that matter. I just prefer the Idea of a 405th rather then having 15 3rd party spinoffs to go with it.

These are the 405th forums, not the Red Team Forums or Blue Team Forums... I don't believe adam would make a seperate forum or actually support any thing similar to the 405th beside it's self here.


Well, its officially a clan. Join if you like. IIts just for people who like Red armor not blue. People who hate when they get jammed on blue team during Matchmaking. People whos default character on Halo123 is Red. And most of all anyone with real red armor.
I'm pretty sure the "blue team" spin off was for those under 18 that wouldn't be able to be full 405th members..... Iff/When we go live.
I believe in freedom of choice, but no Rede Team. Blue Team is settled. We have a myspace, and google forum. We also have 20 or so members. Blue Team has gotten a place here, but Red Team is making it all look bad. I have no intentions of fighting over this, but please, Red Team should not be here.

How did I know this would happen?

Ok, lets not argue here. If you want to make a Red Team, make a Google Group and have your Red Team discussions there, not here.

We (Blue Team) had to do the same thing, and like Doom said, this isn't for 405th "spinoffs", so if your just making a Red Team clan, don't clog up the forums here.


alright, are people here complete a** or what, blue team is not like in Rvs.B but as in Freds blue team as in actuall spartans, ex. kelly, linda, grace, fred, will... need i say more. Just shut up about this crap please, its getting on my nerves.
Andrew L said:
IIts just for people who like Red armor not blue.

And so if this was true, then you would have to make a bunch of TEAMS, to say i dont like red or blue armor but yellow, then you would have a yellow team join. So i would say no teams. Unless you want a thousand teams for every color.
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I am also making my armor red... It's about freakin time a red team be created... Them blue shoot me down when I mention a red team...
it is not blue as in the color but as in the spartan-II program squad let by Fred, spartan-104. the real one. not online multiplayer co-op, jeez. you guys are deaf. :mad: :confused: :cautious: :(


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