Mayhem II: More Brutes? Build Challenge - Twitch Stream

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All cardboard once again
IMG_20210411_213047111.jpg IMG_20210411_213138791.jpg IMG_20210411_213102574.jpg IMG_20210411_213128035.jpg


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I need to change the side grating to be inward of the upper shell which might mean cutting into the inner support frame and adjusting wire runs but overall I really like this prop!

Congratulations Spidermonkey60 on being the first to finish the build and thank you everyone for joining in!

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Dang Spidermonkey60 - that looks soo sick! You better get that painted up and bring it to a con so I can see it in person :-D

Thanks to all the builders that were on the stream yesterday. I loved jumping in as I could and seeing how things were going.

We need to plan another build like this for next year too. I won't have a tiny infant and really want to participate!
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