MBD's Praetor Suit (Doom 2016) Build Log


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Hello all! I'm new to the forums, but I've known about the 405th for a long time, and love all the armor here. I finally decided to dig into my own armor build, so I thought I would start a build log as well :)

I've loved the Doom 2016 Praetor suit ever since I saw the promo images. Doom Eternal's suit is awesome, but, I mean... short sleeves in space? It's a little vacuum-y out there. I'm going to be printing most of the armor plates, and sewing an undersuit together, with EVA foam to build it up to Doom Guys heroic proportions. I have an old pleather jacket that I'm going to scrap for undersuit. But before that happens I need to get a sewing machine again. I can get a Singer 4423 right now, but I've been trying to find a decent used machine to save a bit of money. I'll get one or the other soon, I want to have as much time as possible to work on sewing, because it's not something I've done a lot of.

I've been printing a ton of stuff out. So far I'm working on the helmet and I've almost printed all the pieces for the right hand glove. The files I'm using are currently a mix of files from 2 different modelers: Geeky Gardens on Etsy, and Brendan Lautissier on Thingiverse. GG's helmet is an amazing model, and I'm currently printing it in 7 parts. Heres a couple pictures of progress so far.

doom helmet 1.jpg

doom helmet front.jpg

Theres a lot of ringing/ghosting here because I've turned up speed to get the prints out quicker. I will be using bondo or milliput to to fill, and sanding everything smooth, so the ghosting isn't going to show thru in the end. The helmet is printed in ABS which allows me to acetone weld the pieces together. I'm currently printing piece 5/7, and hopefully I will have all the helmet printing done by next weekend. After everything is acetone welded together, I'm going to line the inside with fiberglass for strength.

I still need to figure out how I'm going to do the visor. I have a buck I can print and do a pull on, but I think I would like to commission some one with a vacuum form machine to do it for me instead. Only problem with that is, I don't know anyone offering those services. I could build a cheap vacuum form myself, but I only need to do the one pull so doesn't really seem like a good option.

I'm also printing up glove pieces on my resin printer. That's coming out amazing. I'm using Brendan Lautissier's files for these prints, and using a padded mechanics glove as my base. I might paint the camo on the back of the glove to be like an olive green, but I'm going to leave all the leather on the palms, and the rubber on the knuckles/fingers as they are.

doom glove all fingers.jpg
doom glove thumb 2.jpg
doom glove thumb.jpg

I have to sand down some pieces in order to get some more mobility in the fingers, and so the pieces sit better next to each other. But so far I love these gloves turned out. They are very satisfying. Here, have some clacking:

But yeah, thats what it be. The plan is to update this build log at least once weekly. The goal is to be done in time for Halloween, which should be enough time, but right now I got a lot of printing, crafting, and painting ahead of me. Wish me luck!


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Whos ready for some ugly fiberglass work?

I printed all the pieces for the helmet, and acetone welded them together. So... Funny thing about FDM 3D printing, it's not really precision manufacturing like a CNC machine, or laser cutter. The printed pieces line up alright, but there are gaps between the Y axis edges of the pieces.

I was expecting little gaps, but these were bigger than I thought they would be. Not a problem really, just going to take a little more bondo and dremel work than I originally planned.

I put two layers of fiberglass on the inside of the helmet. The first layer was just some strips covering the seams from the inside, and the second layer was for full coverage.


The helmet is very strong now. I was debating adding a third layer of fiberglass, but then I dropped the helmet. Didn't scratch or crack, came out fine, so I decided it didn't need the 3rd layer.

The next steps are a dremel to carve out a few details near the seams that got filled in with fiberglass resin, then sanding the seams down, and bondo.



The gloves are going slowly however. I'm fairly new to resin printing and I'm having problems printing ABS-like resins. From the reading I've done, it seems that the UV in the printer I have is over powered, and going off of manufacturer recommendations for layer times just isn't going to work. I keep getting results like this:

This is even happening with the grey abs resin in my last post. Hopefully I can get the resin dialed in here soon, but every failure takes a long, gooey time to clean up and reset from, so I've been concentrating other places to avoid that lol.

I have another 3D printer on the way! This one has a 400x400x400mm (almost a 16" cube) build volume, so after some modifications I should be able to print full armor panels without having to slice them apart like I did for the helmet. One thing I'm going to try is printing the shoulder padding in TPU so it will be flexible. With the new printer I can easily fit the model on the bed and print it in 1 piece :)

This next week is probably going to be a lot of printer maintenance and building for me. Once the resin printer is back on track I'll be able to continue working on the gloves. My Ender 3 is currently printing out parts and modifications for the new printer coming in. So I'll try to get the helmet all the way up to primer by next week, but we'll see. If only I didn't have to go to work, I would have so much time to work on this! :lol: :lol: :cry:


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Not to much to update on the state of the suit. I did not get to primer the helmet. I'm still in the filler stage. And not that far into it either unfortunately:

My new printer came in, and all the upgrade parts as well, so I've been building that. This thing is HUGE! I got a TronXY x5sa-400 for a good price, and also got an aftermarket hotend/extruder, as well as mainboard. I printed out a bunch of 3D parts that fix issues with the stock machine as well. This is going to be an awesome printer once it gets going!


Such a large print volume!


Can't wait for the week long prints this thing is going to do :lol: For the most part it is mechanically together. I need to do one slight modification to hotend gantry because a part I printed is blocking a very important hole. The electronics are a different matter entirely. I have to configure the firmware for the new mainboard, I have to mount that board somewhere, as well as the powersupply, and then wiring everything up, which will require me making custom cables because nothing that came with the new parts is long enough to use on this beast. So still have a ways to go.

Also, my cat Pixel does not approve of me using her play space in the gym

I started printing the fore arm armor last night. It's a 34 hour print, and it's only 25% done at the moment, but it's looking good. I'll update when it's done!


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So much for 1 update a week, oops.

I've been fighting my printers a lot lately. The big printer is not complete yet, but it's getting there. It's mostly a matter of wiring everything now, and configuring Marlin firmware. I also found out that I will need to install a buck converter in my resin printer in order to lower the power of the UV LEDs. I would just return it and go with an Elegoo model, but I'm outside of the return window, so I guess I'll just fix it myself. I sent an email to Creality support to see what the LEDs should be at, because when I tested with my multi-meter I was getting a reading of 30v, and I'm pretty sure these are supposed to be 24v *shrug*

My Ender 3 has been having issues with it's extruder stepper. 8 times while printing the bicep the extruder just stopped extruding mid-print. Finally woke up today to the bicep completed on the 9th attempt. I printed the elbow, and fore arm a while ago. Elbow turned out great! Fore arm is a little meh for the print quality. I used a new brand of filament and I should of tuned it first, but I was being lazy.

Also, my Bed head is awesome, and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise:





I got some work done on the helmet too, but I'll take pictures of that tomorrow since I have the day off work. I'll try to get better with actually updating. For the most part I've been working on the new printer, and I wouldn't want to bore anyone with a post on that since it's not exactly cosplay/prop content.

Till next time!


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Hah, yeah time gets away from ya. Looks good! I'm tempted to mess more with 3D printing seeing how good the results can be... then I remember I'm too lazy and/or cheap to coax my bratty Ender into functioning.
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