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    DF1B5492-8167-4D48-9055-728BB94E77F7.jpeg 6DB3B6E3-04B7-4A33-BD86-791B5928CF5A.jpeg 685A501D-8D0F-4B40-BA4F-0BD3E236CE5E.jpeg 74518529-F5DF-4B55-9012-2A11A69BD408.jpeg BC0C3015-B8FA-4287-B4C5-4DC90032F5D7.jpeg I am selling the armor only at this time, not the helmet, neck seal, or AR. It’s an EVA build with paint inspired by FUD. At the time the suit was made I was 6’00” around 265 with size 13 boots. I’ve lost enough weight that the suit no longer fits correctly. Please be advised this has been trooped in multiple times, so it has some wear. The cost is $550.00 shipped within the lower 48. Please PM me with any questions.
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