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well holy crap i was watching the e3 trailer like the aarticle said it was in and i freaking think i saw it, right when master chief turns his head when the banshees are comming you can like see a ace in his lenses, but im still gonna get the mag or find the pic to see if thats the spot, or get the hd version of the trailer becuase this one on you tube sucks :roll:

best picture i can fid so far... ill keep looking, ingnore the yellow lines and crap but i can see his eye and his nose and he has a scar on his cheek. or mabey its just that banshee flying away.
its not his face. or im pretty sure its not because you gotta think "how many objecs are down in that crater" and "how many are making reflections in his face mask"
sorry for bumping this old topic but i was looking for pictures of enrgy sword handle and found a better pic of what they think is his face and words about it too so idk.

Its not his face i was watching the trailer and you can make out a face looking thing on his visor the whole time, but like warped somtimes it just happend to be in the right spot at the right time and some losers thought wow master chiefs face, well hmm :Steve:
Definitely the reflection of the crater. I think people are just stirring up material to keep us on the "hyped/ADHD" fanatic level. Just my .02.
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yeah but if you want to see link slow his post rate down then its not gonna happen.

slow my post rate what are you talking about :roll:
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