Mc Farlane Halo 3 Controllers and Figures

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Sean Bradley

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I'm sure some of you have already seen the new Halo 3 Controllers that were released this week on some websites. If you didn't, heres the scoop:

Retailer Gamestop is now listing a pair of official wireless controllers—one Spartan, one Covenant—for the limited edition mark up price of $59.99. Also checking in at $59.99 is the Halo 3 Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Limited Edition, which is Spartan green and bedazzled with a Halo 3 logo.


So anyway, if the bedazzled look isn't enough to get you to buy one, Microsoft has decided to sweeten the deal to include an exclusive McFalrlane Toys-made Halo 3 figure, bundled with the controllers.


Look here:
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The controllers would be much more badass if gamestop would've done a clear shell with lights on the inside like they did for the star wars controllers on the old X-box.

But yeah tacky stuff.

Love the headset and the Fig though
Dunno if the figure comes with the headset... I doubt it.

The reason that the figure is coming with the controllers is that Todd McFarlane drew the designs for them, and I guess he wanted to do a figure to promote that fact.

Honestly they remind me of those airbrushed T-Shirts that you see at a stand in the Mall. Too many colors... too bright.

But the headset is alright. I like the green and orange gold color scheme... reminds me of something familiar.... :roll:
I just want the figure so I have a good thing to base my future, more detialed armor off of. At least a base anyways.
Looks kinda small though, judging by the detailing. I'd hate to buy them just for a 3" lil' Chief.
Besides anyone remember the "exclusive" free minifigs that came with a reserved copy of Halo CE PC? Joyride just wound up turning around and selling them in sets instead of singularly about a month later. I figure this will be a similar marketing ploy even though a different company is in charge of production now.
Joyride isn't continuing their License with Bungie, so the Joyride figs will be phased out eventually.

So far they haven't released any info about wherther there will be ANY more figs at that scale.... bummer.

Also the only way that figure has been advertised is as a premium with your purchase of the controllers.... dunno if they'll sell it seperate.
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