Mc Helmetless

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Oh man, someone find a clip from the movie airplane, where he takes off his sunglasses like 4 times.


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Darn dial-up.

But anyways, that got me thinking, there had to be a head on his shoulders when he puts the helmet on in the beginning of Halo 2. If I'm not mistaken, cutscenes are made as 3D worlds, that you can move the cameera all over the place with. Then they move the camera to the places they want, and record. There had to be SOME kind of head there, as part of the character model. It could have just as easily been a big yellow smiley face, now that I think of it, or maybe no head at all. Either way, Bungie must have a character model with Master Chief with his helmet off.

Or maybe I'm just nuts. I hope I'm not nuts.
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