MCM London Comic Con October Fri, 28 Oct 2022 – Sun, 30 Oct 2022


Organisational post for those of us attending.
THUS FAR im in contact with a few halo cosplayers attending, not all of whom are with the 405th, but i figure it wouldnt hurt to see if we can work out total numbers.

Where: ExCeL London

Proposed Halo meetup scheduled for October 29th, Time TBD.
Current attendees i know will be at the con are QueenBHartigan all 3 days Megameatballs Cosplay Saturday, vaughanofthedead, Myself Saturday, and one or two other folk from the facebook group if not the forums, and nonaligned folk.

For other members attending, if you’d like to meet up please DM me here on the forums or on the 405th discord :)

As a reminder, MCM's current weapons rules are that weapon props are required to have orange tips. They can be removeable for photos, but must be re attached at all other times. No airsoft weapons or weapons made from such permitted.
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Hey pippon, good to know about this con....I'll add it to the list and make sure its posted for next years list (if its still happening next year that is).

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