MDF Halo Reach Assault Rifle (with reflex sights!)


It's strange how instantly recognisable a couple of wood pieces become when combined the right way.
And as it stands, this _is_ the right way. :)
How's the wrist ?

Just out of curiosity, how much time have you put into the project so far ?


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Thanks dudes! Isn't it great how a little noob like me can get noticed? BTW my wrist was a repetitive stress injury. It makes a worrying cracking sound whenever I move it.


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Looking really good. I'm getting a new cnc router delivered to the office soon, I may try something along this route. I like the idea of having a little weight to the thing, even if it does get heavy walking around with it. I'll be watching to see how you finish. Good luck with the wrist.


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Hi guys, I can't continue until march, because I need a delivery of blades, but as soon as a get them I will be workin hard!