Measuring Centurion Helmet


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I was recently about to start up a project on a Centurion helmet and I was doing some measurements (My first time doing this) and I measured my head with a straight ruler and I got about 10 inches roughly, I wasn't sure if this would be right and so I plugged my number 10 inches + 1 for a total of 11 inches into the height scale of pepakura designer for my helmet and I did some measuring on the 3D menu and it seems that the opening for the helmet would only be 5.24 inches which seems way to small, so I left the numbers default with the height being 18.45 inches and the opening to the helmet being 8.78 which seems right but this makes the helmet 18.45 inches tall and 13 inches wide! which seems way too big. So now I'm not too sure if I'm doing this correctly. if anyone could help me out that would be grand.

My head when I measured it my way was roughly 10 to 10.5 inches tall
around my forehead and head it is 23 inches around

the helmet I was looking at in pepakura designer was this one
Halo 5: Guardians - MJOLNIR GEN2 - Centurion


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Jaximus take it from someone who failed miserably to size this particular helmet............8 times........this helmet is very difficult to size properly. A lot has to do w/ that top crest piece which is 2 inches higher than where the helmet proper is. As for the opening, it is an inherent issue w/ all of the helmets........the opening is too small. The games take a huge design liberty when it comes to this. So be prepared to cut away at the opeing a bit to fit your head through. Measuring by the height might not work so try measuring the width instead.


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A lazy way to check cross-sectional widths of your head that is accurate is to pretend you're in Kill Bill. Get a straight edge, lay down in a door frame and close the door (gently) on your head and measure the distance that the door is open between the frame. No fancy big calipers needed.

I do a lot of masks and helmets and I've used this trick every time and I stick by it.