Medieval fun


My wife and I have been doing medieval reenactment for several decades. We stepped down from our position as the regional leaders a couple weeks back (more time now for working on my HALO stuff).

We decided to really go out in style. My 16th century German outfit is silk, velvet, wool and linen. My wife's 15th century Burgundian is velvet, silk brocade, and arctic fox. The coronets are steel (mine's heat blued, hers is black duracoat on stainless) with natural pearl points, jade and labradorite cabochons.

I plan on delegating all my undersuit sewing/fitting to my wife!

devestiture 2.jpg devestiture.jpg


Did you make the coronets?
Yep. My wife's is 304 stainless with a 400 grit brushed finish. We made vinyl masks for the design, then it was sprayed with French Black Duracoat ( a 2-part epoxy like weapons paint). I used stainless pans for the jade so they could be mounted using a TIG spot weld on the rear through a small hole. Pearl posts are held on with JB weld......I was in a hurry. :)

I started with some 3/16" feather damascus steel on mine and quickly realized it wasn't going to get done in the 3-days I had. I grabbed some rusty 16 ga mild sheet steel instead. Sanded the rust off, then cut and formed the ring. I polished it, then heat blued in the oven for 4 hours at 450 F to give it the purple/blue color. I mounted the labdorite the same as her jade. My pearls are actually little carved skulls. It's amazing what you can find on etsy these days!
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