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Discussion in 'Magic Iron Battalion' started by Church, Jan 27, 2019.

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    Hey guys I'm pretty new to this posting a thread and general leading of much so bear with me. Since I'm new to this I'm going to need yalls help as well. This isn't my battalion or anyone persons battalion its ours. I would like to have a meet and greet for everyone currently in the group and to invite anyone interested within the area. This would just be a simple hangout and talk sort of deal. Now I'm nowhere near ready to set dates or locations so I wanted to open that and see if yall had any ideas. You can message me or Asgardianhammer with ideas or locations or post them here.
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    Love this Church . We could do this at Saturn one evening in Avondale, or the new Slag Heap Brewery in Trussville, or maybe crash the central Alabama Costume Guild Meeting. I know Red Horse Leather is talking about a get together and he has been interested in a Halo Build as well so maybe he is up for it also. I guess the bigger issue is who can make the trip to Birmingham from outside the immediate area?

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