Merc Studios Armor Progress Pics

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Hi All,

I just want to first say thanks to you all for having a site where enthusiasts like myself can find and share their passion for the game and prop-making in general.

Here are some progress pics of some H-Armor. I am using Van Aken clay and will eventually (fingers-crossed) pour some molds as inspired by Mr. Adam, Mr. Bradley, and the rest's endeavors. Hopefully Sean and company can share some tips for sealing/adding mold release and actually pouring the molds over the sculpts as briefly discussed in other threads here.

I am keeping a journal and will hopefully post a PDF of the entire build process. I would also be interested in helping with the Master Tutorial project where I can.

As you will see in most of my pics, I will try to include a ruler to show scale. Your comments are welcomed. Thanks for viewing.


Helmet Top...
good refrence book idea. Unfortunatley for me only one SPI pic that is real is available. i guess i could try to fill in with fan art.

It looks like you are off to a TREMENDOUS start, and I'd be glad to assist in any way I can. I'm quite flattered that you are using my helmet as a reference, but be sure to look at others as well. There are some great references available here, and quite a few people who can get you excellent screen captures form the in-game model.

If all else fails I can send you other pics that I have, if needed.

When you get to the point of making your molds, I can give you a step by step, on how I made mine to help.

Is the Van Aiken clay that you are using sulpur-free (it should say so on the package) Thats very critical to the moldmaking process, because sulphur based clays will prohibit the cure of most 2-part mold rubber..

There is a solution to this if your clay is sulphur based, but lets just hope not to have to resort to that..

Excellent work, and please let me know if theres any other way I can help.

Thanks again for the words of encouragement.

The clay I use is

and lots of it to start...


I also purchased a mold making kit from smooth-on to try my hand at mold making...

I figure, if all works out well with the armor, I would re-do my GB Proton Pack (It's currently made of MDF and at 30lbs - not light to carry all day).

Anyways, the plan this weekend is to try the starter mold kit with the handguard to see how it turns out. Wish me luck.

Sean, BTW - for the helmet. I took your advice and got a hold an Elite paintball helmet to use as a size reference.

For the rest of the armor I am planning on using a mix of some parts vacu-formed in styrene and some parts resin. I appreciate any advise you can give with the use of those materials as well.

One more thing - how do you guys and gals transport/store your armor? Do you just throw in the trunk and drive away or do you have a carrying case of some sort? Anyways, will continue to post pics as my project progresses. Thanks again for viewing.
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