Merry Christmas 405th!

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Seth Knight

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Just wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas, may we all remember what this Holiday is about throughout all of this commercialism and enjoy your day with your family and loved ones.

-Merry Christmas, Set Lind
I hope every one has a safe holiday season but also has a blast. Merry Christmas every one.
Happy Christmas, and hopeful some of us may get some Halo themed gifts. Have a good time with everyone's families!
Hope all have a safe and Merry Christmas! Don't go too overboard in the festive season - remember you have to all still fit your costumes :)
Happy Christmas, Merry New Year and all that! But seriously, happy holidays to everyone and like Caramaro said, halo themed gifts for all and stay safe and enjoy some family time people!!!¡¡¡
happy halodays!
i didnt get anything i wanted.... a new xbox wouldve been nice my arcade has the infrequient rrod and sometimes freezes
Merry Christmas guys!

I know for sure that I got a dremel.......which will definitely get put to use shortly!
Merry/Happy Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Seasons Greetings, Happy New Year, Jouyx Yule, Merry Solstice, and Happy End of the World to all of you!
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