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About 2 years ago now a friend of mine was trying to sell a Reach spartan build that he had brought of a chain of other people. I decided to jump on the offer and see what I could do - then COVID happened and I wasn't able to actually collect the suit until now :')
I've decided to turn it into a Carter build due to the fact I already had a Commando helmet (which being in storage for possibly the last 5/6 years has not been kind to...), and I thought I'd try and document it as much as possible and also take some advice, tips, and general well-wishes, while I'm also working a full time 40+ hour job, looking at moving, and trying to fit everything else in my life in at the same time :D

General WIP Thread things first,

Armour I have:
-Chestplate + Backplate
-Helmet (Strongly considering replacing as opposed to repairing)

Armour I need to make:
-Shoulder attachments
-Chest attachments
-Gauntlet Tacpad
-Thigh attachment
-Spartan Belt + Codpiece

Todo list (in no particular order):
-Clean up current pieces, adjust sizing where possible, reinforce and repair.
-Print templates for needed armour and make
-Buy/Commission 3d prints for stuff like Combat Knife, Tacpad, Helmet attachment, etc
-Repair/Replace helmet
-Pad and modify undersuit for hidden strapping and ingame accuracy??
-Play hours of Halo Reach and/or Halo Infinite for reference

Now that's other the way with, here's the beginning photo!

Hopefully I'll finish this and be able to post the ending photo here for comparison sake ;P

I look forward to moving forward with this, and I hope you all do too!

Thank you,
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