Metal Jango Fett progress pics

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Darth Malevelus

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Well, alot of people asked to see my progress pics.
So here they are. Before you look these were taken at 1AM with my cell phone. LOL Im fuly aware of what isnt right about every detail.

But anyway enough yacking,...






The metal stretching machine literally ripped the corners off one of my chest pieces, so that gonna have to be replaced. No sanding has been done, this is raw sheet metal without even all the details finished yet.

This was my first mock up on the only flak vest I have, which is a bit too small for me, and the wrong color to boot.

Youd think putting this on would be a piece of cake, but its an exercise in contorsionism! :mrgreen:

So what do ya think, not bad for a total of about 30 bucks worth of money, and alot of time and research. :dee:
very very awesome. this is the perfect application for "metal" armor. Something with much less angles and curves. Very good.
Thats some solid metalwork bro!

Very nice. Thank you for sharing these pics. I think everyone will be excited about seeing this.

bumped for another set of pics added.

The back plate, had to be hand hammered, so Im not sure of the results until I get all the tape off of it, in the pics you can see the grid on it. All that tape has to come off, and Ill be able to see wether the hammering has left too much "battle damage" As I dont have an english wheel to smooth it out.

To give you an example, of how long it takes to get metal projects going, I started this last October. So far I have the jet pack done as far as you see in the pics, and the body armor. and only a few layers of resin in the bucket/ er helmet. :eek

So if you plan on tackeling a metal project be ready for the time/effort/and money youll need!
If all your looking for is the look of metal, buy some "rub n buff" its very cheap, goes along ways and will make anything you put it on look like metal. It comes in many metallic colors like bronze, copper, pewter, and silver. Theres even a gold out there too. Its about 3 dollars a tube, and one tube would do your whole costume probably.

Just an FYI
Heres a link to it :

The emerald looks about right for a master cheif color! :mrgreen:

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