Metroid Helmet


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I'm working on a metroid's just taking forever because I don't have much free time to work on it :(

Wanted to share some of the photos of the helmet. Still a work in progress.

Mannequin + a whole lot of clay + time = crapty helmet :)








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link4044 said:
looking pretty sweet there, are you going to do the whole (if you have time)?

Yeah, hopefully, but I'm really dragging my feet right now :lol:

I have the basic structure for the chest armor + rib cage thingy, cannon, shoulder armor + forearm guard, glove (left hand), and working on the thigh armor and those two spherical things on her shoulder.
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Here's the finished costume.

Only gets way too hot in the helmet. I'm trying to research how i can put a fan in the helmet so i don't pass out :'(


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Congrats on finishing it! That looks epic. Very nice.

For fans there are little small ones you can get that are designed for motorcycle helmets and paintball masks that might be a good starting point.

Or you can just regularly do "Samus reveal" pose at whereever you're showing off the suit as an excuse to get some air. =P


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Hi, the metroid costume looks great. I was wondering how did you make the yellow sections of the undersuit? Are they plastic pieces as well?


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Great Job!! My 13 yr old son wants a Samus costume desperately. I've got some info on how to do fans. I've been doing some Star Wars costuming and the Stormtrooper and Fett helmets utilize small fans and battery systems. Works pretty good! email me and we can exchange info if you'd like.


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That is cool I love metroid it is amazing dosent matter what it is made of... eneyone have plans for metroid armor?