MIB roll call


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Hello Spartans. This is your BCO I wanted to make this thread for the ease of keeping up with folks in a easier manner and allowing a more personal way of getting in touch. This will be just like the roll call in every regiment.

Where your located (to make it easier to plan meet ups and cons)
About you
Favorite cons
Gamertag (if you want to)

Name: Kyle Paul
Age: 23
Location: Birmingham
Occupation: RV collision repair
About me: I have been in the cosplay world since I was 12 and got into halo armor realm since 4 or 5 years ago. I play video games and love to build armor and props.
Cons: I'm mostly at Magic City Con, Kami Con, and Dragon Con.
Gamertag: Xbox (KSPGUARDIAN001)

I'm excited to be working with yall and doing more in the community.


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Name: Rexy (Rheanna)
Age: 23
Where your located: Birmingham, AL
Occupations: Assistant in construction/fab business
About you: I love video games, anime and cosplay. I'm totally new to prop and costume making because I'm used to closet cosplays but I hope to learn a lot so I can get into making my own stuff for cosplaying and such.
Favorite Conventions: Kami Con, Magic City, ACC, Anime Weekend Atlanta. Will likely be venturing to Dragon Con.


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Name Robert Letts
Age 49
Where your located (to make it easier to plan meet ups and cons) Birmingham, AL
Occupation Creative Director
About you Halo enthusiast and Division Staff
Favorite cons DragonCon
Gamertag (if you want to) Asgardianhammer