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Hey guys this is going to be an update and open discussion on the current status of the battalion.

First off I'd like to apologize for the limited contact I've had on here about the battalion but personal matters arose that took attention away from my duties. So I wanted to apologize to yall about that.

Down to business today I met with Asgardianhammer and we discussed some matters as to what we would like to see get accomplished in the next few months and yall are more than welcome to pitch in ideas as well.

1. We plan to get the logo for the battalion drawn up and ready for use.
2. As yall know we do have a booth already but the age and transport needs have caused it to start falling apart so we are currently designing and going to build a new booth and have that done before Magic City Con.
3. We are also planning on having build parties to drum up support and interest. These will be planned and coordinated around peoples schedules but if your unable to come that is alright.

These are the three beginning steps for us to take to make this a great battalion and to fill up the ranks of members. If you all have any suggestions you can post them here or in the battalion suggestion box thread. If you have any one on one questions you can message me or Asgardianhammer.

Magic Iron Battalion Commanding Officer
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