Microsoft Bribes Magazine Reviewers to Review Halo 3 better!

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Now you know why Halo was reviewed as well as it was.

They were either felt they had to because of the bribe or they gift package sent them into Halo mode and gave a better review because of the Halo glitter in their eyes and hype.

Giving good reviews on a hyped game sells more magazines. It was not because of actual gameplay.

Here it is:

Here is a quote from someone else on the site who doesn't speak English and still gets it.:

"“corruption”, “payoff”, “bribe”. I don’t know the correct english word for it. But Microsoft is the “Master Chief” in that, they payoff politician and so they payoff Game Reviewer."
I got this off bungie forums so guys don't argue with me, all i want is a clean thread.
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wow.. dont like halo 3 leading spartan?

ever think they gave the high game reviews. cuz maybe..

its a great game??

OK in all seriousness, who care if MS bribed anyone, I expected it, mainly the reason I don't care is that most people were going to buy Halo 3 anyway, no matter what some review said.
Who says I dont like halo 3, i have 200 and something games played customs and forge and matchmaking all combined. I have a life, i am a lutienant, i found all the skulls by myself uncept the IWHBYD. And im aiming to get all achievements.
I could believe that, and eight hundred bucks of stuff is badass and that is basically a bribe right there, just to type a few good things about a game which they got for free anyway.
12 hours on normal is pretty long, and he said it was too easy? he should play in legendary.

And, no matter what they sent him, Halo 3 IS the entertainment event of the year.
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