Mid-West Con 2018

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Mid-West: Covering Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio and, Wisconsin.


Name: Anime-ZAP
Date: Jan 5-7
Location: East Peoria, IL
Events: Mainstage Cosplay Contest, Date Auction, Fantasy Cosplay Ball, Anime Rave Dances, Fashion Show, Formal Dance Lessons, Kingdom Hearts Panel, Dante's Guide To Picking Up Women, Origami Related Panels, Con Survival Guide Panels, Video Game Panels, Lolita Fashion Panels, Learn the Hare Hare Yukai, Fanfiction 101, Ponies!, Mock-Combat Battlefield, Square Enix Pairings, Yuri/Yaoi Panels, AMV Tutorials, Old School Anime, Ball Jointed Dolls Discussion, Japanese Ghost Stories, Crossplay Both Ways, Various Anime Screenings, Various Gaming Tournaments, Various Photoshoots, Various Fan Meetups

Name: Uchi-Con
Date: Jan 27
Location: Chicago, IL
Events: Cosplay Contests, Photo Booth, Cafe, Gaming, Karaoke, Anime Screening, Anime Bingo, Meetups, Silent Auctions, Film Screening, Artist Alley, Panels.

Name: Almacon
Date: Jan 9-11
Location: Alma, MI
Events: We are an anime and gaming convention hosted by the Alma College Otaku and Gamers! Our mission in planning AlmaCon is to involve those in our community who have an interest in anime, Japanese culture, and tabletop and video gaming.

Additionally, all proceeds from ticket sales for the convention are being donated to ACOG's Relay For Life Fund. Come support a great cause while you spend a fun weekend with other otaku! There will be many contests, including cosplay, tabletop systems, and video games, so bring your best!

Name: Confusion Through the Looking Glass
Date: Jan 18-21
Location: Detroit, MI
Events: Guests, Panels, GOH Dinner Party, Masquerade, Vendors, Artists Alley, Dealers, Fan Tables.


Name: Wizard World
Date: Feb 2-4
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Events: Guests, Attractions, Programming, Comics, Exhibitors, Vendors, Artists Alley, Cosplay & Cosplay Contest.

Name: Cedar Rapids Comic Con
Date: Feb 3
Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Events: TV & Film Guests, Comic & Artists Guests, Cosplay, Vendors, Exhibiters, Panels, Gaming.

Name: Animarathon
Date: Feb 11
Location: Bowling Green, OH
Events: Panels, Cosplay Contests, Kawaii Kafé, Artist's Alley, Anime Screenings, Special Guests, Tabletop and Video Games, Rave, and much more.

Name: AMKE
Date: Feb 16-18
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Events: Masquerade, Cosplay, Combat Chess, Dance Ball, Sat Night Dance, Film Festival, Karaoke, Kids Programs, Panels, Workshops, Video and Tabletop Games.

Name: Planet Comicon
Date: Feb 16-18
Location: Kansas City, MO
Events: Guests, Photo OPs, Autographs, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Masquerade Parade, Tabletop and Video Games, Exhibitors, Artists Alley, After Hours Events.

Name: Great Lakes Comic Con
Date: Feb 23-24
Location: Warren, MI
Events: Exhibitors, Vendors, Guests, Collectibles, Raffles, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests.

Name: VisionCon
Date: Feb 23-25
Location: Branson, MO
Events: Media Guests, Artists, Exhibitors, Vendors, Workshops, Masquerade, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Fund Raising.

Name: NWI Comic-Con
Date: Feb 24
Location: Schererville, IN
Events: Collectables, Comic Books, Toys, Games, Vendors, Exhibitors, Guests, Autographs, Photo OPs, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Fund Raising.

Name: Fargo Moorhead Comic Con
Date: Feb 24-25
Location: Fargo, ND
Events: Vendors, Panels, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Guests, Video Gaming, Fund Raising, Media, Demonstrations.


Name: Wizard World
Date: March 2-4
Location: Cleveland,OH
Events: Guests, Attractions, Programming, Comics, Exhibitors, Vendors, Artists Alley, Cosplay & Cosplay Contest.

Name: Animatic Con
Date: March 16-18
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Theme: Villains
Events: Panels, Artists Alley, Dealers, Cosplay, 1000 Faces Cosplay, Charity Fund Raising

Name: Shuto Con
Date: March 23-25
Location: Lansing, MI
Events: Social Media, Cosplay Contest, Cosplay Skits, Interactive Cosplay Competition, Dance Groups, Artists, Dealers, Guests, Panels, Battle Arena, Gaming, Charity and Assorted Contests.

Name: EvilleCon
Date: March 23-25
Location: Evansvill, IN
Events: Panesl, Karaoke, Dungeon Delving 101, Canadian Gameshow, Q&A, Cosplay, Anime Dating Game-show, Maid Cafe, Cosplay Chess, Cosplay & Cosplay Contest, Pokeparty and a whole lot more.

Name: Mid-West Costume Academy
Date: March 28
Location: Collinsville, IL
Events: Our mission is to create a fun, learning atmosphere where students and enthusiasts can learn from peers and teachers about designing and creating costumes for fashion, theatre, and fun.

Name: Indiana Comic-Con
Date: March 30 - April 1
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Events: Indiana Comic Con is Indianapolis’ largest, true comic con. Featured are exhibitors that cater to a wide-spectrum of interests including comic books, magazines, toys, games, Star Wars, Star Trek, anime, manga, cosplay, artwork, sketches and apparel. In addition, a roster of comic industry professionals, and comicdom-related celebrities are in attendance for attendees to meet and greet.


Name: Anime Detour
Date: April 6-8
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Events: Art Show, Artists Alley, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Charity Auction, Dealers, Gaming, Room Parties, Video Game Rooms, Screening.

Name: Chicago Comic EXPO aka C2E2
Date: April 6-8
Location: Chicago, IL
Events: Comic Guests, Entertainment Guests, Literary Guests, Charity Art Show, Panels, Screening, C2E2 Live, Cosplay, Family Events, Artists Alley, Exhibitions, Panels.

Name: Heroes & Villains Fan Fest
Date: April 7-8
Location: Chicago, IL
Events: Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Vendors, Artists Alley, Guest Stars, Panels, Meet and Greet, Guest Q&A.

Name: Cape Comic Con
Date: April 20-22
Location: Cape Girardeau, MO
Events: Cape Comic Con featured 3 days of professional comic book artists, publishers, and over 130 tables of comics and merchandise for fans of all genres to enjoy. Fans from all over the region come in costume to celebrate with us.

Name: OZ Con
Date: April 27-29
Location: Ozark, Missouri
Events: Anime, Cosplay and Cosplay Events, MTG, Warhammer, Warmachine, RPG.

Name: Imagicon
Date: April 27-29
Location: Minot, ND
Events: Guests, Panels, Games, Cosplay, Room Block, Vendors.


Name: No Brand Con
Date: May 4-6
Location: Wisconsin Dells, WI
Events: Artists, Vendors, Panels, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Anime Room, No Mercy Room, Gaming Lounge, Tabletop and Video Games, AMV Contest, Nerd Auction, Dance, Puzzle Hunt, Lip Sync Battle

Name: Ratha Con
Date: May 12
Location: Athens, OH
Events: Vendors, Artists, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Workshops, Art Exhibit, Quidditch Tournament.

Name: Motor City Comic Con
Date: May 18-20
Location: Novi, MI
Events: Exhibitors, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Gaming, Panels, Q & A, Photo OPs, Sat Night Bash (Appetizers, DJ, Cash Bar).

Name: CoreCon X
Date: May 24-27
Location: Fargo, ND
Events: Charity Events, Art Show, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Games, Guests.

Name: Cherry Capital Comic Con
Date: May 25-27
Location: Traverse City, MI
Events: Exhibitors, Artists Alley, Game Room, Panels, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Garry Reed Award, Art Auction, Karaoke Party, C4 After Hours Events: VIP 21+


Name: Wizard World
Date: June 1-3
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Events: Guests, Attractions, Programming, Comics, Exhibitors, Vendors, Artists Alley, Cosplay & Cosplay Contest.

Name: Extremicon
Date: June 1-3
Location: St. Robert, MO
Events: Magic The Gathering Tournament, Car Show, Vendors, Karate Tournament, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Guests, Artist

Name: Wizard World
Datye: June 8-10
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Events: Guests, Attractions, Programming, Comics, Exhibitors, Vendors, Artists Alley, Cosplay & Cosplay Contest.

Name: Smallville Comic-Con
Date: June 23-24
Location: Hutchinson, KS
Events: Guests, Photo OPs, Cosplay and Cos[play Contests, Vendors, Exhibitors,

History: The creation of the Smallville ComicCon was the result of a lot of hard work and a series of fortunate events.
The initial inspiration came from three comic book fans; Ben Eisiminger, KC McNeely, and Chris Wietrick. They recognized similarities between the City of Hutchinson, Kansas and the fictional City of Smallville, Kansas – the boyhood home of Clark Kent, alter ego of Superman. The three began a grassroots campaign to have Hutchinson recognized as the official Smallville, Kansas.
Their efforts caught the attention of long-time Superman fan, Jon Robinson. Interested in their efforts, Jon provided support and loaned his original handmade costumes inspired by the Man of Steel movie toward the cause.
The effort succeeded and on June 21, 2013, through mayoral decree, Hutchinson was renamed Smallville, Kansas for a single day. On this same day, Superman was inducted into the Kansas Hall of Fame as the most recognized “Kansan” within pop culture. Jon was invited to attend the induction ceremony within the State’s Capital with his family, all wearing their Man of Steel costumes.


Name: O Comic Con
Date: July 13-15
Location: Omaha, NE
Events: Vendors, Exhibitors, Guests, Artists Alley, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest.


Name: Wizard World
Date: Aug 23-26
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Events: Guests, Attractions, Programming, Comics, Exhibitors, Vendors, Artists Alley, Cosplay & Cosplay Contest.


Name: Cincinnati Comic EXPO
Date: Sept 14-16
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Events: Artists, Alley, Film/TV Guests, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Vendors, Exhibitors, Star Wars Zone, Star Cars and Props, Autographs, Photo OPs, Q & A, Blood Drive, Gaming, Geek Prom, Kids Zone, Sci-Fi Speed dating, Workshops, Panels.

Name: TopCon Geek
Date: Sept 15-16
Location: Topeka, KS
Events: Guest Stars, Photo OPs, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Artists Alley, Exhibitors, Authors, Live Performances, Neon Flash (Retro Gaming) Tournaments, Film Festival, Fund Raising.

Name: Wizard World
Date: Sep 21-23
Location: Madison, WI
Events: Guests, Attractions, Programming, Comics, Exhibitors, Vendors, Artists Alley, Cosplay & Cosplay Contest.

Name: Ramencon
Date: Sept 21-23
Location: South Bend, IN
Events: Vendors, Exhibitors, Cosplay, Panels.


Name: Archon 42
Date: Oct 12-14
Location: Collinsville, IL
Events: Panels, Charity Events, Children's Activities, Minatures, Filking, Games, Masquerade, Film Festival, Art Show and Auctions, Writer's Workshop, Reading Groups, Night Dancing, Hallway Costume Contest, Room Parties, Guest of Honor, Guest Stars, Artist Alley.

Name: Cleveland Comic-Con
Date: Oct 6-7
Location: Cleveland, OH: Cuyahoga County
Events: Artists Alley, Guests, Con Films, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Vendors, Exhibitors.
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I'm deffinately going to try to hit these, btw is there a schedule for southern and colonial reg.?


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I’ll be posting cons for every regiment. It just takes time to sift through cons that change their venues and will change the regimental location and find new cons and collect up all your nod and then post. I’m hoping to get everything done before the new year. The colonial list is actually in the colonial section but I’m thinking perhaps I should copy it to this section as well.


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I would recommend changing the name of Chicago Comic EXPO or adding (C2E2) to the listing for it, that's how it's more commonly known.


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OhayoCon in Columbus Ohio is next week, January 26 to 28. It's a rathe large Anime Convention.



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Ok great. I’ll add to the list as soon as I get back home
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