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Lets start off with a bit of back story:

There was a thread a while ago about doing a challenge coin run for the Midwest. One of the ideas that was put out by SSGLordBert had a blue and gold spartan on it (the Midwest colors). I eventually had the idea making a full render of this spartan to use as inspiration as a graphic. While I made the render I had a thought come to mind, "Why don't we have an official regiment spartan?". Then a conversation came up about having things we could display at booths, another idea came to mind. Why not made a Spartan that suit that can be used specifically for booths that represents the Midwest? I pitched the idea and now here we are seeing if there would be interest in people pitching in print/ build time to get it done.

On to some specifics:

I have a render file for the armor colors and scheme to be used. The armor files I plan to use will be Titlewave Mk. VII armor files at 100% scale to keep things uniform. Ill also be going around, once I have the bandwidth to do so, and finding the specific paints to be used to match the color and finish of the armor. I'd like to keep painting the armor to just a single person (Likely myself) so the style of finish and paint keeps consistent. While the whole suit is the ultimate goal getting the helmet, torso, biceps, and shoulders is my initial goal for display at conventions. Additionally making a mannequin that's posable and can wear the armor is also on the list of goals for this. I'm also wanting for this armor to be something that Midwest members as well as the various Halo Voice actors can autograph to celebrate the community.

Screenshot (259).png
Screenshot (260).png

Parts and goals:

I already have a spare helmet that's currently being finished to donate to this project and will be the first thing I finish before moving to any other parts.

As stated above my First major Milestone will be the Helmet, Torso, Biceps, and Shoulders.
  • Helmet - Printed and in post process (Emp Frosty)
  • Torso - Not started
  • Biceps - Not started
  • Shoulders - Not started
Second Milestone will be a mannequin, likely in 2 parts. (Torso and legs)
  • Mannequin Torso - Not started
  • Mannequin Legs - Not started
Third Milestone will be completing the rest of the armor for full display on the mannequin.
  • Gauntlets - Not started
  • Belt - Not started
  • Thighs - Not started
  • Knees - Not started
  • Shins - Not started
  • Boots - Not started
Finishing thoughts:

Since I want this to be a community build and booth asset I'd like to ask others if they would like to pitch in where possible. I'll gladly provide the files to parts that people would like to help with where I can. I'd also Like to ask that any parts people provide be finished up to a fully post process state and ready for paint, doesn't need to be silk smooth but at least polished with 220 grit for printed parts would be a good point. This wont be a quick build by any means but Id like a few parts ready by the end of the year for TORG so get autographed by the voice actors in attendance and as many Midwest members in attendance.
I’m totally down to bring this to life. I’m glad my small challenge coin idea sparked a bigger idea. I think I have all of Titlewaves files. I’ll double check. Since I have a LARGE format printer, I could try and tackle the torso. But I need to finish my current projects
Id love to get your help on it when possible but I want to see those Omega builds done first!
What about a to scale statue of this too? I think galactic armory has a file. We could make it so it is buildable and breakdownable
That's bit of the reason behind the posable mannequin. Once all the primary goals are met I'd like to get started on secondary goals of undersuit parts and props to be added. I didnt list them but the attachments for each part would also be done along side thier respective parts.
If other regiments were to have a to scale spartan similar to this as a statue/posable mannequin it would be very cool to see them all displayed at something like HCS or one of the bigger conventions like C2E2 in an Iron Man Hall of Armor style. Excited to see the updates and although I would love to help, I feel I am too much of a novice to do much and I currently have 2 ODST projects cooking at the moment.
I shared a link to a mannequin that would work quite well. I've been interested in purchasing those files for myself so if we'd want to do that I can make it happen.
I shared a link to a mannequin that would work quite well. I've been interested in purchasing those files for myself so if we'd want to do that I can make it happen.
Id love to use the mannequin files you shared, we will just need to size them up to the armor scale before printing. Once I hear back from SigmaProps about the scale of the chestplate he has laying around I'll start asking people to start printing and making things. And anyone who can we can get started on the mannequin.
Once we get to secondary milestones I'll definitely want to get the undersuit on this thing so I'll keep you in mind

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