Midwest Crafting & Repair Meet-up for Ohio and surrounding States

What general time would you want have the meet-up?

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I will be there for sure, very excited. Is there anything I should or shouldn’t bring?
Bring whatever you like to work on or demonstrate for crafting techniques. You can double check with me if there's a tool you want to bring that I might already have.
The weather is looking good for the weekend so I will get hotdogs and smore stuff for anybody that want to stay for a bonfire. Feel free to bring any snacks and drinks you want for the event. I will get some but it might not be enough for everybody.

My dog will be at the house for the event so please let me know if you need him to stay upstairs. He's friendly but likes to play.
Hey I'm gonna try and get my energy sword working and I'll bring my gopro that has 30 exposure and we can take light painting photos! If you have any props that have lights, this would be a great time to use em!

square master chief double light painting.jpg
cat ears light painting .jpg
Thanks for making this crafting meet up an absolute blast everybody! I was more then happy to host and have you over. You all made it a day that won't be forgotten. It was a relief to see Hooch wasn't a bother to anybody being the boundless ball of energy he is and was part of the party.

I'll post here or do something smart if we do another one this summer.

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