Midwest vs Pacific ROUND 3

What day works for you?

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I haven't tried Discord through Xbox yet, curious how that works. Hopefully we can get each team fully into their own voice chat instead of split up like the nights I've done.

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Its been a while, too long in fact; since a regiment has thrown down with another. So its time to change that! Lets go back to the roots and face off with the folks from the corn and the folks over the fault. We are aiming between Friday and Saturday of next week so please promptly vote above to help us determine the best fit! As with other VS nights we will have a smattering from each game barring Halo CE since it crashes people regularly.

This event is secluded to Midwest and Pacific members barring approved "Mercs" players to infill numbers. Members who qualify as Type B - Members, meaning they have met the 50+ Posts and 90 Day account requirement for being a "Full Member" of a regiment. THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE.
Further more, we will be restricting access to a dedicated discord channel and are within our right to remove members who join who do not meet this criteria, or display disruptive and unsportsmanship-like behavior. This includes but is not limited to

- T-Bagging
- Targeting/Spawn Killing
- Excessive Foul Language
- Microphone Spam (Loud Music, Yelling, ETC).
- Inappropriate Conduct

This is a ONE WARNING policy - You will be muted after your first offense for the remainder of the offending game session, otherwise any further incursions will be followed up with disciplinary action accordingly. Play fair, play nice, and have fun with each-other.

Please RSVP within the following Google Doc (Credit to Rock Lobbster ) for the template I will use forever. We would also ask you RSVP here so we can keep a consistent updated list going here. Starting times are planned in CST, estimated around 7:00 PM / 7:30 PM

And finally, down below please, list a game, map, and game type you'd like to see us include! While we wont be able to do everyone's picks, we wanna still include what we can! This sessions is a Core Game/Objective lobby that will end with Custom Games. This sessions is also streaming friendly but you MUST notify your RCO or admin of the session beforehand with your streaming information.

"Boots on the Ground" :

- NobleofDeath16
- indigoD0g
- PerniciousDuke
- SoleofDeath
- Wayward Flood
- BobRossIsMaDad
- TurboCharizard (MERC)

"Tentative Responses" :
I'm in


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Updating the game list now. As always, we will switch hosts every other game to ensure no region favoritism cause lag is stupid.,


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Please make sure to clarify with those who are streaming if you want your audio muted.

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