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Mirror Mom's Expo, Blair County Convention Center

Discussion in 'Colonial Regiment' started by MepeS11, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. MepeS11


    Krystal's Hope is planning on being a vendor, and idk if Frankie will be off, but thought that maybe anyone local may want to wear armor and walk around at least? It's kid oriented and family friendly....usually have people dressed up as Superheros/Princesses there as well... good recruitment and picture opportunity!

    It's August 11th at the same place Sci-fi was, Blair County Convention Center.
  2. Ashuraa

    Ashuraa Judicial Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    I will attempt to be off and see if I can get a 405th table set up
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  3. Kusak3


    I am flapping in the wind. Need to look at my schedule if I am off I will be along with the Ashuraa. If Im not off nothing I can do. I currently have to many requests in for to short of a time period and dont wish to abuse the consideration my managers have been giving me when I request days for stuff like this.
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  4. MepeS11


    I didn't get to make it, things went a bit haywire there...bad time.

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