Missile Pod W.I.P

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so made this for my odst suit and looks good to me so what do u think? almost done with the suit. mite just stay with odst because not to many people are doing it and the mc is played out so here u go


check out my page and ull see more of my armor and other things i made

one more thing im making a missile pods halo 3 pics

i like the big weapons on halo 3 so if any one wants one they are for sell or request what you want and ill make it so later


so new to posting pics so this should work sorry about befor
That album link won't help any of us much when you need to be a member of the site.
Try photobucket or Imageshack.
Looks good, but just to say, I think a missile pod is a tad too heavy for an ODST to carry. If it slows a SPARTAN down I doubt a normal human could even lift it.
That's a good job with the Missile Pod, but I think I have to agree with the statement that an ODST probably wouldn't be able to carry it.

Maybe if you had two buddies helping you lug it around and aim it.... But that thing's probably a quarter tonne beast.
so what does that have to do with anything, if he wants an ODST to carry one then he could do that, it will look awesome, it will just make him look stronger lol, and if we were getting technical about stuff like that you could say for the chief costumes that hes not that short or that weak and stuff like that :p ...or you could think Seans armor is photoshopped or hes a girl LOL! good times, well i personally think your missile pod is going to be really good keep up the good work and good luck ;-)
Oh, yeah, I don't doubt that it'd look awesome.

Just IGW if I see an ODST carting around a missile pod I'll **** a brick.
thanks to all yes im short im about 5'6 and its about all 5'11 thats for the new part i put on it almost done so thanks again its very lite weight is less then 6 ponds but when done it should be about 20 or less hopefully :lindsey:
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