Mjolnir Armor GAME NIGHT

What day would you like to have the game night?

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Now that the site clan is up and running, i think its the perfect time to start a game night for the site. i know that there have several failed attemps to create a game night before, and i will do my best to see it succed. Its just in the planing phase but think every friday would be good, but this is site belongs to all of us and i am open to ideas on how to make it better.
Just remmeber that everyone has lives, not including halo.

I know it sounds rude, but just pointing the obvious out.
Many people use friday night as an opportunity to go out, and do something they couldn't do during the week, as it's the first day of the weekend. I would recommend Saturday night. It's in the middle of the weekend and won't impose on Friday or Sunday.
Since it seems like every ones pretty much for Saturday how about a time frame. Would you guys like this to be a regular thing (like every week) or something more spread out (like once or twice a month).
I think those who want to play should post an alert of playing when and what time, but there should be a designated time for each month that everyone go to.

In other words if you want to play post a topic that your playing, if people show they show.

But set one date for the month that the whole clan comes too.

Did that make sense?
I'm in as well.

My work schedule is sporatic at times (but I'm thinking about quitting) but Saturday would be the easiest day for me to meet up with people.
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