Mjolnir Mark VI custom undersuit

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by Risted, May 8, 2018.

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    So I have been lurking in here for quite some time, and I have finally begun on the undersuit of my Mark VI armor. I wanted to make a custom undersuit and seeing as there are so few custom undersuit builds out there, I thought why not put up my progress.

    First I made a sketch of the suit, drawing out the design I wanted to make.
    I made a pattern out of an old form fitting t-shirt, and made a couple of mock ups in some cheap fabric.
    Next I made it in the real fabric, so far I have made the top.
    IMG_20180429_204259.jpg IMG_20180429_230719.jpg IMG_20180429_230734.jpg
    The fabric I have used is a light jersey material with a mesh on top, a thicker stretch fabric and some pleather.
    I have made the neck seal aswell, I don't have any pictures of it on, but this is what it looked like before I put them together.
    So far it is super comfortable to have on and not extreamly warm, which is a plus.

    I am going to work on the sleeves next, if you have any questions feel free to ask :)
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    Looks like a great start, look forward to seeing more progress
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    Very nice start Risted !

    I know that electricknite is currently working on a similar approach for the Mk V undersuit.
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    SI3RRA 117 Thanks :)

    PerniciousDuke I took a look, and I will definitely be following her progress :)

    Some time has gone and a bit of progress has been made, school has taken up a lot of my time, but I hope to get time for crafting over the summer.
    I have made both arms, a lot of tweaking was made and only the shoulders are missing
    IMG_20180608_192856.jpg IMG_20180608_192900.jpg
    The movement is amazing, and it is not as hot as I expected, which is great :D

    Till next time


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