Mjolnir Mark VII Build Thread - Halo Infinite

Off Earth

Small update:

Materials are finally here after almost two weeks of waiting. Now I’ll be able to cast time final plate carrier with its urethane foam backing. I also recently finished my Master Chief helmet (build coming after this) and I wanted to see what it looked like up against my neck seal & plate carrier.

Next I’ll be getting all the components for the left arm cast along with the side straps and back plate for the plate carrier. Hoping to have the entire upper body done at the end of the month.

Off Earth

Onward! The Epoxy back pressure plate is now set, next I’ll be tapping a couple holes in and casting the final Chest section of the plate carrier. This time it’ll be urethane rubber, skinned with foam. Hopefully I’ll be pulling that out this week!


I still need to mold the left forearm, finish the mold jacket on the left bicep and I should have those pulls done too. Hopefully sometime before the end of this month!

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