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Everybody knows how Bungie has some sort of obsession with the number 7 right? And the latest version of mjolnir was mark vi right? So that could mean that all of the armors could be leading up to the ultimate mjolnir mark vii! Think about it thogh. Maybe mark vii will be the official armor of master chief in halo 3? Wat do you think?????
the only think that i see so far, is that halo 3 armor has different hand guards. This is probably to coincide with the movie armor, but.... what would he difference be? upgrades on the go? like metroid ?

I'm curious to see what happens.
New armor would be cool, but when would he have gotten it? If there is new armor in the game it would have to be upgraded piece by piece I think, or maybe we'll find an armory and get the VII....
I know Bungie said that the reason the armor looks like it does (with the color fading) is that it has been through a lot of combat. So the green tint is probably the anti-energy coating on it, which just got weared off. Plus it is mention in the books that the plates of armor can be replaced, so the hand armor most likely was replaced at sometime, which explains its new look.
To quote Deadguy:
There's also two deep scars on the chest/upper abdomen plates. The upper side arm is flatter, the chest is more rounded than it was. The colarbone chest-to-shoulder attachment is now like part of a Nascar 5-point buckle harness. There's additional plate layers added to the thighs and groin. The ankle "buckle plate" has no central dot anymore. The feet aren't as "segmented" anymore. The black section visible at the knee now looks like segmented rubber.
I agree that the changes seem to be more artistic than major upgrades. This also could have been done to match the armor in the movie (Already said by somone) They may have made these slight changes just to mess with our heads, Bungie wouldn't miss a perfect chance to screw around with the minds of its fans.
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Well, official word on this item just came in..

If you go to the Bungie store, they've now got a t-shirt there that has a picture of the Mjolnir armour being used in Halo 3, and it says: "Mark VI" under it.

So although there were SOME changes made, their weren't enough to change the Mark #..

uh... Unless the shirt is just inaccurate?

Also.. there's a new theme for the xbox 360 that's availible for free when you buy the Halo 3 faceplate, and it's been decribed as saying: "showing all three variations of Mjolnir Armour."

Unless there's some goofs, I think there's supposed to be 5 versions..
Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars (older version of armour), and the one on the "Ghost of Onyx" book cover (assuming that's not just inaccurate artwork, or possibly not a Spartan, despite how similar the rest of the armour is).

MAYBE you could also suggest that it should include the different armour that was used during the creation of the original Halo game when it was still a 3rd person shooter. (as shown on the 2nd DVD that came with Halo 2).

I dunno'.. seems like a goof in the product description, but possibly it's calling the Halo 3 and the Halo 2 armour the same thing? I dunno.
judging by the chest plate. Onyx looks like a mjolnir armor from halo 1, as well as halo wars. interesting though.
At the risk of spinning this thread off-topic, the armors on the cover of Ghosts of Onyx are the Mark VI and what is called "SPI" used by, get this, Spartan-IIIs. Decent read if you've got the time. But remember, they are just artists renditions, and likely are not as intrigued by the details as some of us may be.
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