Mjolnir Mk VI Pep build, and some questions

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Burns31, Sep 22, 2017.

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    Hello Spartans,

    Hope everyone is having a great first day of Autumn. This is my first time posting, but I've been an on-and-off reader for a few years now and have a pep build to show and wanted to ask some questions I hope to find answers to. First off, here is my best pepakura work so far: a Mk. VI helmet build that I am hoping to complete in time for Halloween this year.







    I think it came out pretty well! Before I move on to the next steps I have a few questions...

    I've read all the sticky posts and tutorials I could find, but I'm still quite confused and unsure about what the exact order of steps are once I am done with the pep work. It seems like every tutorial I find is either incomplete or has it's own method of doing things. From what I can gather, the process seems to be as follows:

    1) Pep work (done)
    2) Gather materials (resin, body filler, brushes, respirator, gloves, goggles, and mixing containers)
    3) Resin the outside (?)
    4) Resin the inside (?)
    ...and then everything gets sort of confusing, with body filler on the outside (??) and fiberglassing the inside (??), and spot putty, etc...

    It's all very confusing, and it seems like a lot of the links in the stickys are outdated, dead links, or only explain one step in the overall process without much indication about what the order of the steps are. If someone could lay out the process, step by step, in order from start to finish (meaning a complete helmet that looks finished), I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to finish this helmet so that I can wear it for Halloween and any help I can get is greatly appreciated. Hope you all like the helmet so far! I look forward to your feedback and advice!
  2. Bullseye


    So your pep work looks clean I had kinda the same problems my first time around.

    For the resin stage since you have the supports in I would resin the outside first and let that cure for 24 hours. Try and apply it as smooth as possible or you will get running like paint but it can be sanded down so no bit deal. Once that's cured you should be good to cut out the supports and warping shouldn't occur.

    I personally used 3M spray adhesive and glued in my fiberglass inside my piece and once the whole inside had fiberglass glued in I then applied my resin. Try and keep the fiberglass patches as big as you can not the 1 inch strips. I also used some plastidip on the inside to seal any sharp edges or missed fiberglass.

    As for bondo you want to use it in places that have polygons so around the top,back and cheeks that are multiple pieces trying to be round. I sprayed everything first with a coat of primer to high light any imperfections then I mixed about a golf ballish size of putty to a 1 inch strip of harrdener and it gives you about 5-8 minutes of work time. I just used a gloved hand and my finger to apply it some people have used cut up milk jugs as well to apply. I knocked down the roughness with a 60 grit then went to 120, 180, then 320. Hit with another coat if primer to look for any more imperfections. You coats of bondo shouldn't be super think so it might take a layer or 2 to get a smooth surface.

    As for spot putty around seams were you glued pieces together might show under primer I add spot putty to most of the seams to round them out. It sands easier then bondo and is easier to apply as there is no mixing. Also spot putty Is good for little pin holes you couldnt sand out if the bondo.

    And that's about it if you have any more questions ask away also I have an active post kinda documenting my process if you want to check it out for pictures. And good luck.
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    Here's a reply that i made on another thread. It should answer some of your questions.


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