Mjolnir MKIV Build


405th Regiment Officer
As my 6 year old reach suit is in no condition to be worn anymore I needed a new spartan suit. I always loved the powerful buff design of the MKIV suits and I already had a cast of MkIV helmet (Dutch Props) sitting on a shelf to the choice was easy.
Luckily I found some files in the armory that I could convert for foam use (will upload them eventually) so I started building.
So far I made the shoulder parts, bicep parts and yesterday I finished the chest foam build:
81454844_2833703023357861_5443427738335576064_o.jpg 100699571_3167081500020010_8454907868255092736_o.jpg 99364387_3167081563353337_5103257278996283392_o.jpg

I think the fit is perfect, doesn't restrict movement too much so far:
98210913_3167081720019988_5795492697284280320_o.jpg 99284454_3167081833353310_7019837540928585728_o.jpg

I really hope to get this done in time for the first con after covid :)