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Hey everyone,

I'm Installation00, the Halo Youtuber. I'm new to the 405th but been keeping an eye on events here for a long time. Just thought I'd pop on and share a little progress update.

For those who don't know, I've been putting effort into creating Halo technology in real life. I have been researching and developing for around 15 years in between gaining my qualifications and working in Industry, before becoming a full-time Tuber/Company Director, and have been privately funding it up until April when I started a gofundme.

Well today's post is just to share that I am currently in the thick of integrating the Microsoft Hololens 2 into the Halo Infinite MJOLNIR GEN III Helmet, along with a visor, breathing systems, ventilation systems, hermetic seals, padding, and audio array systems to make it as close to the functionality of the actual helmet as possible. I am currently 3D printing the GEN III helmet to start the job of fitting all of this inside the helmet.

The Hololens seems like it was almost built to fit inside the helmet, and the HUD systems like the targeting, HUD overlay, Smart Scope and the like are all attainable goals on the Hololens. After I am happy with how it all fits, I have an ex-colleague who is able to Print the helmet in Titanium via a DMLS 3D Printer, the end goal being that it will be, at least as far as I am aware, the only fully functional Titanium MJOLNIR Helmet in existence.

My question is, would you like to be kept in the loop on progress as it continues?


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