MJOLONIR MK V armor needs

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hey everyone, i'm going to try to make my own MJOLONIR MK V armor by halloween and the first
piece i plan to make first is the helmet

but the only problem i see coming wrong is the part where i put my head through the hole
now i just wonder how much can i get away with trimming without making it destroyed

and for everything else i plan to do 1 layer of glass on all pieces then expanding foam the rest

thoughts and suggestions accepted :)
Honestly, just make it to where its easy to get on and off comfortably. The simple fact that you have a suit will deterr anyone other than yourself from looking at the details. I really like that helmet though. Hard to assemble ?
not really hard to assemble it'll take anyone who's done the halo 2 helmet like 30-45 minutes to cut and assemble and that goes with everything else
So my MKVI took about 15 pages at a 26 scale. Im guessing since it looks like there is alot less folds, Im guessing, 10 pages maybe ?
something like that but not a lot of little detail folds

starting to glass helmet
hey guys i would like to know that after i glass the pieces wiht one layer, could i use expanding foam to fill in parts? oh and can i sue paper mache after i glass it for more strength?
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