Hey y'all! I've been working on a set of Mjolnir Mk.V(B) armor! This is actually my 3rd set of armor I have made, but it is my first FULLY 3D printed suit and the first set I am making with the intent to wear to cons! This project has taken me a couple of years and alot of work, so I figured I'd post it here.

I started out with wanting a base set of armor in my multiplayer colors from Halo Reach, but I customized the colors slightly to fit my personal aesthetic. The files I used for most of this project can be found on Etsy by NerdForgeDesigns. I believe the creator is also a member on here, but hus name escapes me at this time. He sells a fantastic base set that is easy to expand upon, so I did exactly that!

In the future, I want this armor to be compatible with MANY different parts and loadouts for different cons. I want to get ALOT of milage out of this thing.


I made an armor stand out of PVC pipes for pieces I have finished. As of this post, I have the entire thing printed and most of it painted + weathered.

The only parts I have left to paint are (of course) the big stuff... Chest, back, thighs, and calves. The forearms just need a little more love until I can call them "Done".

The Feet are completely finished

As are the parts for the knees and thighs.


Hi, just saw your weapons collection. Awesome stuff. May I ask where you got those pants around the cod piece, those look legit.


Couple more updates.... I have finished painting the calves. I still need to weather them.

The thighs are also mostly completed, but they need a few details with some hand painting and the first layer of topcoat before I can start on weathering. Should hopefully have these done by the end of the day.

The chest and back are also coming along nicely. I still have a few more colors to add and alot of masking to do, but overall quite pleased with my progress this week.


Thanks! Hopefully I'll have it done in the next day or two. Still needs the LEDs wired up tho, so that will be a "soft" done.
I feel that. My suit got pretty rushed towards the end of the build so I could finish it before a con. I've definitely got a lot to do still and my suit is also a "soft" done lol


I feel that. My suit got pretty rushed towards the end of the build so I could finish it before a con. I've definitely got a lot to do still and my suit is also a "soft" done lol
I haven't really been trying to hit any deadline luckily. After I missed having it for the past couple of cons, I kinda just have an "it's done when it's done" mentality.


Ok so I got a ton of work done the past couple days. I put the finishing touches on the calves...

I finished up the collar breacher chest parts...

I assembled the softcase attachment onto the left thigh...


I initially planned on making the thigh attachments removable with magnets, but I couldn't make the connection strong enough so I just glued it all together.


After completing both of the thighs, I came up with a nice solution to mounting my magnum on the right thigh. Problem was that my magnum is actually really heavy. It is a model with a ton of detail and Functional moving parts so I had to come up with a way to mount it securely. I ended up printing a quick and easy swiveling latch system.

It does unfortunately mean that there needs to be this ugly block of plastic slapped onto my magnum in order for it to work. Luckily I made it removable with a bolt and nut.

I'm ok with the inaccuracies cuz it seems very very secure.


Another update (forgot to mention in last post)... I finished painting the basic colors of the torso parts.

They still need quite a bit of hand-painting and weathering, but the paint is still a little too tacky for me to work on it yet :(

In the meantime tho, I have been finally working on the electronics! I drew up a couple wiring diagrams and have started soldering together some of the LEDs.

I want to make good use of connectors this time around, so my crimping skills are improving.

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