Mk VI Helmet (concept pictures)

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I've drawn and scanned in some things i've made for the Spartan Helmet i'm making. The front, back, and side view will hopefully give me some help when I start constructing it. I just wanted to see if you all had any opinions on what I should change. The only problem I really have is with the back view, I just can't get it to look right.





After I get done getting a feel for the helmets in general, I plan on using the baseball helmet 'technique' for it. For a visor, I plan on using some sort of plexiglass, does that sound like a good idea? Motorcycle helmet visors are a bit too expensive for me to afford right now. But, does anyone else have a suggestion for visors?

EDIT : Added the top view and decided to use a paintball mask for base, pepakura the helmet, and then proceed from there for resin, fiberglassing, the whole enchilada. I'm still wondering what to use for details on it, however.
@ Link : Thanks. I'm 14.

I'm having trouble finding baseball helmets, and i'm not sure what type of alternative I could have. Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe a pepa base, and then work from there?
Well, if you really want to go the baseball helmet way, go to Wal-Mart, you can find helmet's there for about $11.

If not, I'd say you can start by making a cardboard helmet, then fibreglassing over it. It'd probably be easiest.

I personally used a baseball helmet, jsut to save time.

But you're drawings are great.
Some ideas for you:

When I made the helmet, I used a paintball helmet just to have a reference to build up over. The tough thing about working overtop of another helmet is keeping the head proportional to the you have to be conscious of keeping the head small as possible. I see alot of suits out there that were based on motorcycle helmets, and the helmets just come out way too large. They look like M.C. bobbleheads. I even ended up even tailoring the paintball helmet to make it smaller. It's a tight fit, but it's worth it to keep the head proportional.

The approach I settled with was to pattern everything out with posterboard and scotch tape. Making cuts and bends here and there until I had something that looked like what I wanted. Then I carefully cut the paper pattern back apart, labelling each piece as to where it was used. After I made the patterns I cut each piece out of 1/8 inch polystyrene sheets...the kind used for vacuum forming with scissors, and used superglue to assemble them. Once I had re-created the piece, I coated the inside of it with polyester resin and fiberglass. Putty, sand, trim, and the piece is ready for paint.
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Thanks for the compliments, everyone. :mrgreen:

I would get a baseball helmet, but at my wal-mart they didn't have any. (I went to the one 500 feet from the Home Office of Wal-Mart... Great service, wouldn't you say?)

I think i'm going to go with a paintball mask for a base, pepakura on top of that as a second base, and then fiberglass and resin and things after that. After THAT, though, what should I use for details? Bondo? Clay? I just read in another topic that you shouldn't use bondo for sculpting. I guess I don't really understand what bondo is used for.

Depending on if I can get my printer to work with cardstock, I should be able to have everything printed out and folded by next weekend. That's considering I DON'T screw things up.

I've also added a top view of the helmet. I made the back a bit wrong, but i'll probably redo all of them except the side to match up with some reference from the pepakura.
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