MK VI Pep Build Agent Washington


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This is my second build. Pep is all done and I've started to resin it. I haven't decided if this is going to be Master Chief or Agent Washington. Taking a break so I thought I'd post some picks. The helmet is from my first build.
13567480_10209859278854139_2968291500726626813_n.jpg 13557743_10209857308044870_1742855754436133834_n.jpg


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Re: MK VI Build

Very nice build. An agent Washington would be awesome. But chief is also awesome. Hard choice.


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Re: MK VI Build

So time to update this. I had to move my deadline up to August 4th to make a con. I also add a second build and repaint on my first build all to be completed by August 4th. I made barely made the deadline. I didn't take as many pics as I should have because of the new deadline but I did get some. I also haven't got any full body pics of myself in the costume yet. But onto the pics.

Made the feet out of EVA foam for more flexibility.
Forgot to take pictures of pre paint on a couple pieces but here are the ones that I remembered to take pics of. I sanded the fiberglass before bondo so I didn't have to apply a lot of bondo.
Thighs. The inner is EVA foam.
20160816_235042.jpg 20160816_235052.jpg
Love how this came out.
Chest and wiring for the lights.
20160816_234923.jpg 20160816_234933.jpg
Back and wiring for the lights.
20160816_235116.jpg 20160816_235128.jpg
Very happy with how the helmet came out.
20160816_234842.jpg 20160816_234851.jpg
Yes that is Master Chief and Cortana's autographs. Going to have to put this on the wall and make a new helmet now.
So only pic I have right now of the full suit and lights on.

So all in all very happy with this suit though from now on I'm making foam builds.




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Looks great. I can't wait to see your foam builds later on.


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I've had it since it came out. This is the first time I used it in costume. I love the size but I'm thinking about repainting it though.