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Hello everyone,

long time no see (or read, I guess). Anyway, this year I have started on the Mk VII armor from Halo Infinite. In my opinion, this armor is pretty sick! If you recall from many years ago, I was building a Weta-style ODST costume. I had made great progress, almost finishing the main building component -- until it was all thrown away because people don't tell me when they move things around and when they touch my stuff. Although tragic, I thought this was a great excuse to move past the ODST and become a spartan! So far only forearms but I think they look great so far! I will (try) to keep in touch throughout this build, but most likely going to forget about posting


On a side tangent, HOW THE HELL DOES LOSTVIKINGPROPS DO HIS ODST CHEST HARNESS?!?!?!? I've been racking my brain on how the middle piece attaches to his vest, with no success. Here is the post: Login • Instagram

OK bye
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