model:clay, mold:?plaster? fiber glass?

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hi I plan on making a masterchief suit. It will be sculpted first in clay. I was wondering if its possible to make a fiberglass resin positive out of a fiberglass resin negative or am i just better off making the mold out of something like plaster or latex then the positive fiberglass?
I plan on making my master chief costume very detailed so what material would you suggest I make the mold out of? Just as long as the material lets me make the costume out of fiberglass.
Also can anybody recommend a type of clay that will be best for this type of project?
By the way thanks for the tooling gel link, now I can protect my model when I make a mold out of it
The sculpture doesn't need to be dry to make a mold of it. If you use the rubber to make the mold, the clay won't be under any pressure so it won't deform. You'll also need some kind of mother mold so the rubber one stays the way it needs to as the fiberglass cures. You can use something like plaster or even fiberglass to make the mother mold. After the mold is done, just take it off and reuse the clay for other parts of the armor.

I can't wait to see the armor sculpts you do Joel!
im saying if you use oil base clay it will make the mould that touching the clay not cure me on this
i think the anything that you mould should be dry and clean if not you'll get some detail that you dont want
Link, what you're talking about is sulphur based clay inhibition, it's cause by using clay that has sulphur in it, which makes the rubber not cure right wherever if touches it. Sulphur free clays are just as readliy available that do not inhibit the cure of the rubber.

Also if you do use a sulphur based clay you can put on a clear coat of spray paint as a barrier. I've had to do that on a few sculptures that my clients have brought me, who didn't know about the suphur content of their clay.
yeah i could not for the life of me remeber the name of it...yeah i forgot that you can seal it before moulding
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