Modeling Halo Infinite Marine Armor in Blender


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I've been learning Blender as of late. I started off 3D modeling with Fusion 360, which I do love, but I found myself wanting a more traditional 3d modeling workflow, so I decided to learn Blender. Although it was difficult to get started, I feel comfortable enough now to start in on a big project: modeling the marine armor from Halo Infinite.

I'm following the workflow that Beni from Kamui Cosplay uses (
). To summarize, this method uses planes and a lot of adding vertices and then filling in faces. I'm using models from The Halo Archive discord as reference material.

Here's a pic of the chest plate:

This thread won't be a tutorial, but maybe a good opportunity for people to ask questions and learn along side me. Apart from some general navigation stuff, I don't think I used any operations that weren't in Beni's tutorial to make this first piece, so I would recommend watching that video if you're looking to get into this stuff.

Happy modeling!


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