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Modeling Question

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by Shadowshail, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Shadowshail


    OK sorry if this is not in the 3d modeling area but i did not know if it was open yet for users...and if i was even allowed to post a new topic there...so if i am then mods please move this topic.

    OK so i am getting into modeling using Blender and i downloaded Python 2.6.5 and everything pops up and looks great...my problem is that i cannot load any files...i tried some .obj (which from what i have been reading is pretty standard for Blender modelers) nor can i load a background image (I did look at Chevysrule's tutorial on how to load one)and it keeps on giving me errors when i load it from the file by opening it in Blender and not reading it at all and when i am in Blender trying to open it.

    So any help regarding this question would be awesome.

    EDIT: Alright i got the background image to work but i still cannot load a .obj file.....
  2. Damorian

    Damorian Jr Member

  3. Shadowshail


    woot! thanks Damorian! i tried import and found all the different files. I will definitely read and use that guide you recommended, it looks really useful.

    Soon i hope to be a good modeler and make some Gundam armor i have been dying to make!
  4. Ruze789

    Ruze789 Well-Known Member

    It is open, moving it over to 3d models forum now...
  5. Grnbl

    Grnbl New Member

    3ds Max works better than Blender, just sign up for a free student version and you're good to go.
  6. Grnbl

    Grnbl New Member

    3ds Max works better than Blender, just sign up for a student version and you're good to go.

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