Foam Modified Halo 3 Spartan Laser


I've been doing a lot of planning for Dragoncon 2024, and I need away to carry things around since I dont have a handler. Then I thought I could bring a bag. Spartans cant wear backpacks. So then I thought about taking a big weapon, hollowing it out, and converting it to a bag with a handle and everything but still serves as a prop. I chose the spartan laser as my large weapon of choice. I would do a Halo Reach laser, but I couldnt find the files for it. Thats why this is being called "modified." I've already printed out my templates and just finished cutting then out. My foam is coming in tomorrow and I'll start working on that. My deadline is Dragoncon and I will definitely be able to finish before then. I actually think I'll have it done in 2 or 3 weeks if I dont slack.

Here's my goals for the laser:
- Reach accurate paint job
- Somewhat reach looking at least
- Handle to carry
- Openable with velcro
- Can hold at least 2 bottles of water and some snacks
- Wire frame for support
- Lore accurate size (39 inches long?!)

I'm gonna post some pictures of the templates next, and then the next post will be when I finish 1 side/face of it.
Splaser Decal.jpg

You might find this useful for starting your decals. This was from my H3/ODST build. Best I could come up with based on the first and third person views of the Splaser. Scale is accurate to 38.3 inch long prop.

Guess who's not coming back from the Slayer match--the guy in the Red Shirt
Signature Project: Halo 3 Working Airsoft Spartan Laser in Metal & Fiberglass

I finished the first face of the laser like last Friday and I won’t really have a lot of time to work until this Friday so next week I’ll start to glue faces together. I’ve also wireframed the inside for structure.

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