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Hi there, right now i'm working to make UNSC firearms but instead of just making HD version of the in game models has a hollow shell i'm aiming to actually make them detailed in the sense of for example having the charging handles actually open the ejection ports and allowing to change parts for easier customization.

Also has another goal with this models is to also address some inconsistencies for example the magazines being too small for the number of cartridges the guns are suppose to carry.
Untitledwfs.png Untitledwf.png
currently i'm working on the MA5C/MA37 Mk4 since those are the most similar and i can use it to fill gaps in the design and here is were this post enters in the whole picture.

Right now i started with the internals, the magazine is already done, the barrel is in place, it has 24" fitting with canon info and the bolt with the charging handle is in place, the problem is, for starters the ejection port doesn't match positions between both guns.
And not only that, other inconsistencies are:
1- Neither ejection port match the placement of the magazine
2- The traveling distance of the charging handle is simply not enough to clear the port, in fact the bolt ends half way
3- The stock doesn't have enough space for the bolt to reach the back of the magazine.
so, what do you think? should i make the stock slightly longer to the full movement of the bolt and the cheek rest shorter to allow the full movement of the charging handle and move the ejection port for both guns to match the placement of the magazine? it will result in different proportions for the gun but ill do my best to make it look good.

But honestly i would like your opinions on the matter before doing this.
This is a mock-up of the changes i'm planning, of course if this change stays, it will be apply to every model made


I have nearly completed a 3d printable model of the MA5C; once its done, you're welcome to use it for this project. (I'll post a link to my forum below)
Initially, I intended to do all the internals but if I'm being honest 5 months on the same model is getting kinda boring.

I think maintaining the original proportions should be your first priority. Making the carrier shorter could be an easy way to make this feasible.

(MA5C Assault Rifle (Halo 3) 3d Printable- As many polys as possible)

zen 158

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Thanks! I will check it out

I was thinking on that but the problem is making the bolt carrier shorter means also making the ejection port shorter and it is already on the minimun lenght for the 7.62x51mm cartige.

Other option could be making 2 versions, one with the necesary changes to fit the internals and its movements and a second variant that is 100% accutare to the game proportions to give the end user the choice of what they prefer.
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