mold pepakura?

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make sure that your helmet is reinforce if not it will crush it...i would be careful with some of the brushable rubbers they tend to bond to your model and you'll have to destory your model to get it out
so make sure to paint your helmet glossly and get some of the Ease Release™ Release Agents from smooth-on and spray your helmet before moulding and also spray the inside once you get done and start casting helmets up if not it might bond to the mould itself.....i had it done for me, i tend to try everything out to see what works for me
so i could if i wanted, ok thats one questions gone

couldnt i use universal release mold?

and i would still have to reinforce it even thougght it is fiberglassed on the inside and resined outside?
i would try to find something that has Urethane in it some Release Agents might have some reactions to them

how thick is your helmet?
not sure, but it has a double layer of fiberglass cloth, and double out coat of resin

and that ease release the best choice to use? and to use if i want to use it for a shell shock molding?
you might want to do a few more coats on the inside just to be on the safe side.....ease release is the best choice
just do a light spray in the mould then take a brush and brush it in the mould into all the details
i use shell shock you can use pigment dries in the mix also which is a really good idea to use when painting in Multilayers (so youcan tell if your covering everything) , paint on two layers of that then back it with fiberglass. now keep inmind that shell shock will that an hour to dry
where do i get this pigment? and is it called pigment dries or something else? and what do you mean by backing it with fiberglass

sry for the mass questions
oops i mispelled it dies...there called Silc Pig™ Silicone Color Pigments you can get them at smooth-on
what i mean by backing is layering fiberglass or adding it to the shell shock or reinforce it with fiberglass
yes actually i have one more, if the helmet molds come out well, and i decide to make molds of the entire armor. how many gallons of shell shock do you think i will need?
wow ok...maybe 4 gals thats if you do 2 layers and then reinforce it with fiberglass. if not the shell shock is pretty flexiable and it may break
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