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    Dear Forum Members,

    The following are important links to topics to help any Forum Member get acquainted with the process of molding. It will provide you with much information on how the molding process is completed. If you have questions about this process, check these links first, and ask your questions here. If you are interested in making molded armor, please take time to read each topic.

    Thank you,
    The Forum

    "Need Some Visual References? Try These."
    Marine Armor Reference Images by Doom
    Odst Armor Refrence Images by Doom
    Armor Scale Drawings by BenStreeper

    "Central Moldmaking For Newbies"
    The molding process as explained by Falcon NL

    "Where Do I Get Clay, Silicon, Plastic, Face Shields, Etc?"
    Molding materials list by Adam

    "Molding Underarmor Pieces On The Cheap: Combining Pepakura & Hot Glue"
    Tutorial on a different kind of molding by JoeyCoz

    "So You Finally Finished That Suit or Prop?"
    Well post a pic in the Hall of Honor by ReheatedHeroics
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    Well done, this should help a few of the kids out. Thanks :)

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