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So I watched all the Tap Plastics vids, I have a some questions.

Should I use Silicon or Urethane? (I want one durable, but not too expensive)

What should I use for casting? Cast Resin?

How do you mold a helmet, I mean the interior. Should I put Silicon/urethane inside the helmet, to have the interior? Like a three part mold?


And do I mold with the visor?
do not do a box mold, do a brush on mold for the helmet. Use silicon, it is more expensive, but urethane molds only work well with cement/plaster etc.

Mold it with urethane plastic, maybe task 15
ok, thanks Adam.

And how much Silicon should I buy? 1 gallon? (I'm not familliar with gallons :$ops: )

And approximately, how much it costs to make a Helmet mold?
1 gallon will easily make a helmet for you

You'll need to get a gallon of plastipaste too, for the support shell. you can do the helmet in 1 piece, and the support shell in two pieces.

To make the mold it will be about $250 (not including the original pattern of the helmet you (hopefully) made)

and each cast will cost you about ... gosh, $30 or so...


You will do at least one or two that you will throw away, so don't be surprised, ANNNNNND if you're going to be spending $300 on a mold, make sure you buy a video telling you how to make it first, you'll be better off that way.
making a solid mold is pointless and a waste of money and materials.

check out youtube for Silicone molds.

theres a handful of ways of doing it.
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And yes my vids are on youtube. Type Tapplastics, and you'll know if it's the good one by the little voice at the beginning singing "Tap, Tap Plastics!"
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