Monthly Staff Call to Action

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So to let everyone know, Regiment Command had a meeting last night where we identified some action items and other goals to see accomplished in the near future and the long term. We will continue to meet monthly to discuss all things Southern Regiment. You will see regular postings both here and on our FB page. If there are items that you would like us as a Regiment to look at please offer them up here in this thread so they can be addressed at our regularly occurring monthly meeting. If you have concerns or questions that involve discussion with Division Staff also post those here. We are here to provide focus, direction and leadership for all in this group and we as regiment Staff want to see us grow as a community and share what we all came here for in the first place...our love of Halo and building!
I would love for the 50 post requirement to either be 50 post of have a deployed member/Officer able to vouch for you.
Sorry Austin3991. This is an across the board rule for Movie Props Sites that wont be changing anytime soon. The post count used to be higher if i recall. Just spend more time here and your post count will get where you need.
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