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So, I wasn't happy with the old foregrip... or the stock for that matter. So I re-did it... again. Now it has a removable magazine. (Very nice!) Check it out:



UNSCCO said:
Dude, how do u do that.... no seriously could u give me instructions?

I would make a tutorial for it, but you would have to buy some airsoft parts like a lazer scope and a stock. Oh what the heck... What I did was I took an old blaster rifle toy, like fragclone said, and cut off the scope, part of the rear, and the tip... Basically all the red lines here:


Then I took the stock off my M-14 Airsoft gun which had broken. :cry: I attached that to the back, put cardboard over it, and made a removable mag. Then I cut two (2) pieces of wood for the carry handle and put a scope from said broken airsoft gun and hot-glued it on. For the foregrip, I used cardboard again. It's really not as flimsy as you think. Plus, that magazine is very useful for stashing Skittles and Crayons in. You never know when you'll get bored and want to color and eat candy when you're out on the battle field. :D The barrel... well, you can come up with your own ideas.
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Thanks to Leadingspartan's BR Reference pictures and Wrigley's paint and printer, I was able to re-re-redo my BR-55. I've added some detail this time and got it a better paint job. I didn't eat all day yesterday until 5 PM because I was working so hard on this thing.

I was just about to eat a little something because I saw chips, salsa, and cheese out on the counter from lunch. I went to shake the bottle of salsa only to realize my mom hadn't put the cap on correctly. So salsa went everywhere. I was cleaning that mess up 'til about 5:45. Then about 6 we went to see I Am Legend. Good movie by the way...

Anyways, back to the gun. It has had a red cross scope from the beginning, but only until recently hasn't had batteries. I also added an ammo counter that actually lights up. In all, I have about 3 LEDs in this thing (one in the scope, one that lights up when the trigger is pulled, and one for the ammo counter). It's about 50% plastic, 15% cardboard, 10% wood, 5% metal and 0 MSGs (I had to say that). It still has it's removable clip. Anyways, all you guys are interested in are the pictures, right? Well, here you go:





Thanks everyone. Video coming soon!

Leadingspartan said:
OMG somebody recognized me! WOO HOO You welcome. Nice BR cardboard?

It says in there somewhere what it's made out of.
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